The swiss army knife of cockpit builders

Air Manager is an application which allows you to create your own 2D aircraft simulator panels.

You can run it on the same computer as your flight simulator, or on a seperate computer. Air Manager will automatically connect to your X-Plane, FS2020, FSX or Prepar3D flight simulator on your local network.

Choose your panel from one of the included 24 pre-made panels, modify a pre-made panel, or create your own from a library of more than 1100 free instruments.
Is the instrument you are looking for not in our library? No problem, you can create your own by using our simple API in combination with the Lua scripting language.

Air Manager iPad

Build panels in minutes
  • Run panels Yes
  • Premium panels No
  • Create panels Yes
  • Create instruments No
  • Hardware I/O No
  • Knobster No

Air Manager Android

Visual realism
  • Run panels Yes
  • Premium panels No
  • Create panels Yes
  • Create instruments No
  • Hardware I/O No
  • Knobster No

Panel layout

Choose one of 30 included premade panels or create your own using our library with more than 1400 free instruments.

Flight simulator

Automatically connects to X-Plane, FS2020, FSX or Prepar3D running on the same computer or another computer on your network.

Runs anywhere

Air Manager is multiplatform, which means that it can run on Windows, macOS and Debian based Linux distributions!

Touch control

Control instruments with touch input. Reach and touch just like in real life.


Join our active user community and help each other build awesome flight simulators.

Create instruments

Create or edit instruments using our Instrument Logic API and the power of Lua scripting.


Connect buttons, switches, LED's, rotary encoders and more to your flight simulator using Arduino or Raspberry Pi boards.

Automatic updating

Software updates are detected and downloaded automatically.


Connect hardware from Flight Illusion and RealSimGear.

Community panels

Air Manager comes with a library of more than 20 free panels you can choose from!
Complete panels are available for the Cessna 172, Robinson R44 and the Beechcraft Baron 58, among many others. Air Manager allows you to select one of these panels and show them on your computer within seconds!

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Premium panels

We offer a selection of premium panels that you are able to buy for a small extra charge.
Premium panels are available for the Beechcraft Baron 58, Cessna 172SP and others. These panels have more polish and have gone through rigorous testing.
Click on the button on the right to see which panels are available for purchase.

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With support for Arduino and Raspberry Pi, Air Manager can really be the center of your simulator. Air Manager supports the Arduino Mega2560, Uno, Nano, Nano Every, Micro, Leonardo, Raspberry Pi Pico and most of their clones. You can connect up to 16 boards of each type, giving you more than 2700 I/O’s per computer. The boards can be controlled with our same easy to learn instrument API. No need for learning complex C++, compiling and uploading. For those who want to make use of all the Arduino features, like I²C and SPI, we offer our Message Port library. This library lets you communicate with Air Manager and the flight simulator trough your own Arduino Sketch. Find out more on our dedicated Arduino page.


Connected to PC with USB cable.
This device can be used to drive hardware components like LED's, switches, character displays etc.

Flight Illusion gauges

Air Manager supports all Flight Illusion gauges and the I/O board.


Script your own Octavi IFR-1 functionality in Lua through Air Manager.

Raspberry Pi Pico

Connected to PC with USB cable.
This device can be used to drive hardware components like LED's, switches, character displays etc.

Raspberry Pi 3 & 4

When running Air Player, the Raspberry Pi can run any panel created in Air Manager.


Connect RealSimGear hardware to your flight simulator using Air Manager. You are also able to create your own scripts for custom hardware behavior or compatibility with custom aircraft.

Create your own instruments

Air Manager gives the ability to create your own instruments from the ground up. With images (PNG), canvas shapes, text, sounds, buttons, switches, etc… in combination with Lua script and our API, you can virtually create anything you can imagine. Persistent beginners will be able to create their own steam gauges, whereas more experienced programmers can ‘go nuts’ on complex (glass cockpit) instruments. An example on how to rotate and move an image.

See instrument API

Air Player

Building a big simulator spanning multiple devices, then Air Player might be the solution for you.
On the desktop or Raspberry Pi, this is the perfect Air Manager companion. Use Air Player when you would like to have multiple instrument PC’s, or run it on a Raspberry Pi and utilize the Raspberry Pi GPIO.

Want to run instrument panels on just one computer? Then Air Manager is enough for you.

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