After the release of Air Manager and Air Player 4.0, we have been working hard on version 4.1, which is mainly a so called ‘technical release’.

Table of Contents

Air Manager and Air Player 4.1 released

This means that a lot of bugs were fixed, things got optimized and improved. Not something you would notice at first sight, but which will give you a better overall experience.

You can check out our wiki for a list of release notes. This list is not complete but shows most major changes.

The next time you will start Air Manager (or Air Player), you will be promted with an update window. You can also always download the latest versions from our wiki.

Hardware functions

Did you know that Air Manager 4 has an easy way of adding hardware components to your simulator? With 4.0 we have introduced hardware functions, which are pre-made hardware scripts. For example, adding a barometric pressure dial to your simulator, is just a matter of adding this hardware function to your panel, assign the pins of your rotary encoder and you’re done. No scripting required!

Clicking + Hardware in Air Manager will bring up a window that lists all of the available functions. Right now we have 94 of these hardware functions, and this library is gradually expanding.

Are you missing an important function? Then please contact us and we will try to add it.