Going big?

Building a full scale simulator, spanning multiple devices? Then Air Player might be the solution for you. On the desktop or Raspberry Pi, this is the perfect Air Manager companion. Use Air Player when you would like to have multiple instrument PC’s, or run it on a Raspberry Pi and utilize the Raspberry Pi GPIO.

Just using one PC for your instrument panels?

Want to run instrument panels on just one computer? Then Air Manager is enough for you.

More information

Fast and efficient

Air Player is build to be efficient and not use much resources. This makes it run on single board computers like the Raspberry Pi or Intel Compute stick.

Flight simulator

Automatically connects to X-Plane, FS2020, FSX or Prepar3D running on the same computer or another computer on your network.

Runs anywhere

Air Player is multiplatform, which means that it can run on Windows, macOS and Debian based Linux!

Touch control

Control instruments with touch input. Reach and touch just like in real life.


Connect buttons, switches, LED's, rotary encoders and more to your flight simulator using Arduino or Raspberry Pi boards.

Automatic updating

Software updates are detected and downloaded automatically.