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  • Air Player V4 for Desktop

The perfect companion for Air Manager when running instrument panels across multiple computers.
Air Player can be seen as a lightweight version of Air Manager, with one purpose: Run instrument panels. You can create as many panels as you like on as many monitors as you like.
Air Player can be interesting when you plan to have multiple instrument computers. When having for example two instrument computers, you can have one computer running Air Manager and one computer running Air Player.


Once it has been configured from Air Manager, it runs on it's own. It can run on a regular desktop computer, but it is so efficient that it also runs on mini computers like the Intel Compute Stick. To have hardware I/O available you connect Arduino's and build a powerful simulator from a simple desktop to full scale.


Air Player runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac OSx and Linux, see this page for all system requirements.


ARM (Raspberry Pi)
Air Player is also available in a ARM version for Linux, which can be used on boards like the Raspberry Pi or Odroid. Hardware I/O support is only available on the Raspberry Pi.


Air Player requires an active Air Manager V4 desktop license to configure the application! And each computer requires one license. Note that Air Player cannot be configured with Air Manager for iPad or Android.
This product is for home use only. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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Air Player V4 for Desktop

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