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Helionix is quickly becoming the standard for most Airbus Helicopters, but learning to master this critical avionics system can not only be expensive but also a threat to flight safety. Sim Innovations is pleased to present high fidelity training hardware that allows basic to advanced Helionix training to occur with any flight simulator.


Cost Effective and Safe
Why waste valuable operating expenses when all levels of Helonix training can occur on the ground using commonly available, low cost, flight simulators? All pilots know that "heads down" while airborne, learning a new avionics system, can be a recipe for disaster. Why not master the nuances of Helionix without any operational distractions and before you start burning expensive fuel?


Plug & Play
The Helionix avionics trainer developed by Sim Innovations operates stand-alone, running on a powerful built in minicomputer that connects easily and seamlessly with all popular desktop simulators including Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D, and X-Plane. Custom interfaces are available.


The Sim Innovations Helionix trainer is built on our proven Air Player software system that has provided many thousands of hours of reliable service in pilot simulation ranging from home flight simulator enthusiasts to local aviation authority approved training devices.


True Value
You can enjoy the financial and safety benefits of the Sim Innovations Helionix trainer and probably for less than the cost of a couple hours of operation in your Airbus Helicopter. We would love to tell you more!


The Helionix hardware comes without instruments, these can be pre-installed or developed on request. Please contact us first to discuss your requirements.


- Durable CNC machined aluminium housing
- Schott Conturan Magic Daro anti-reflective glass
- Build-in mini computer running stand-alone, all that is needed is ethernet and power
- Optional external graphics input trough HDMI
- Interactive buttons
- High quality aviation grade rotary encoder
- Runs either pre-configured Sim Innovations instruments or lets you create your own instruments
- Connects automatically to the simulator


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