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The Garmin G5 is a relatively inexpensive glass upgrade for general aviation aircraft, replacing the attitude indicator with a modern electronic LCD primary flight display and the DG or HSI with a electronic LCD horizontal situation indicator, also often taking away the need of a heavy vacuum system.


The Sim Innovations G5 is a representation of the Garmin G5. It uses the same aspect ratio and has most of the features of the real G5. The G5 can either be used in a software bezel, or when used without the software bezel, it can be incorporated into a hardware bezel. Configuring the hardware input trough Arduino or Raspberry Pi is easy with hardware user properties, no scripting required!


Compatible with all versions of FS2020, X-Plane, Prepar3D, and FSX.


For more information you can visit the Garmin G5 page on our wiki.


This panel requires an active license of the V4 desktop version of Air Manager, it does not work with the iPad or Android.

Garmin G5

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