One knob to rule them all

The Knobster is a single knob that allows realistic operation of every dial / rotary switch / knob on your Air Manager or Air Player cockpit panel.

It works in touch or mouse control mode and emulates single and dual rotary encoders including an integral push button.

This low-cost hardware makes a touchscreen panel almost as realistic as a hardware sim.

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Use the Knobster with Air Manager

Knobster dial select

How it works

1. Touch or click any dial or switch in Air Manager or Air Player to assign the Knobster to control that input. The dial or switch will be highlighted in yellow.

2. Grab the Knobster dials and operate the selected input on the panel (and push button if present on the panel) just like the real input in a hardware cockpit. This operates much more realistically, accurately and quickly than with mouse clicks or touch control gestures.

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Use the Knobster in VR

You can use the Knobster when flying in VR. It lets you easily control for example GPS inputs, setting the manifold pressure or tuning a frequency.

We offer a free plugin for both Laminar Research X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator. It comes with a pre-made set of different input modes to choose from. You can also create your own, custom, input modes.

Microsoft Flight SimulatorLaminar Research X-Plane

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Build your own knobster

It is also possible to build you own DIY Knobster with the following components:

  • Arduino Nano (original Nano, not the Every, etc…)
  • A dual rotary encoder with push button
  • (Optional) a housing

We take care of the software, you will have to solder the rotary encoder on predefined pins.
Note that the DIY Knobster will work with Air Manager and Air Player, but cannot be used in a VR environment with KnobXP and KnobFS.

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Software code C

Got a good idea for the Knobster?

We would love other applications to use the Knobster.
Right now, there are multiple third-party applications around that can connect to the knobster. Like SPAD.neXt, Axis And Ohs, and SimBox.

Click the link below to visit our GitHub page, where you can find the LibKnobster library. This library can be used to easily connect to the Knobster.

Visit our GitHub page

Included in the box

• Fully assembled, plug&play Knobster
• USB-C cable 1.5 meter / 4.9 feet
• 4 screws for mounting M2.9 x 9.5

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