Air Manager

Create your own instrument panel from one of the 30+ premade templates. Or create your own panel from a set of more than 1100 free instruments.

Air Manager is the tool that does it all. Running instrument panels and connecting hardware to your PC through Arduino’s and Raspberry Pi Pico’s. You can choose from an extensive set of pre-made instruments and hardware functions, or create your own with our simple API.

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Air Player

When you are building a big simulator, spanning multiple devices, then Air Player might be the solution for you.
On the desktop or Raspberry Pi, this is the perfect Air Manager companion. Use Air Player when you would like to have multiple instrument PC’s, or run it on a Raspberry Pi and utilize the Raspberry Pi GPIO.

Want to run instrument panels on just one computer? Then Air Manager is enough for you.

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Knobster render


The Knobster enhances your simming experience by combining it with Air Manager or stand-alone in VR.

Using it with Air Manager it allows you to easily and physically operate dials and switches. Combine it with a touch screen monitor, and you can eliminate the mouse from your cockpit.

Or use the Knobster in VR and easily control things like autopilot heading and frequencies using a physical dial. Available in both Microsoft Flight Simulator and Laminar Research X-Plane.

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