Virtual avionics panel simulation

Accurate and high fidelity avionics and aircraft systems simulation are key elements in quality, state-of-the-art flight training. Air Manager delivers visual and functional realism for both virtual and hardware based solutions.

Built on readily available and affordable touch screen technology, the virtual solution offers the flexibility to support your mission now and in the future.

With nearly limitless possibilities, Air Manager allows hardware integration into your simulation, from small to full scale simulators.

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Create – Deploy – Train

Air Manager offers tools to quickly create new and modify existing panels to reach high levels of training realism. Whether you need Part Task Trainers (PTT), Flight Navigation Procedure Trainers (FNPT), or to support complete Flight Training Devices (FTD), Air Manager can deliver.

Cost effective, Custom Simulation Solutions

Air Manager not only provides a quality flight training tool at a great price, but the intuitive and simple development tools lead to rapid and lower cost development. Whether you choose in-house development, or to employ Sim Innovations development team, you can already be training when others using competing tools are still developing.

A Proved Record

Air Manager has a worldwide record of successful application on various projects from professional PTTs and FNPTs to local authority approved FTDs.

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Custom services


We offer custom programming to interface externally networked simulator instrumentation with your simulator application. We can also produce quality simulator cockpit visual displays and instrumentation or even train you to use our software to produce your own in-house solutions.


Sim Innovations can develop highly realistic, networked, simulator cockpit hardware using desktop computers or embedded stand-alone microprocessors. We can partner with your current development or deliver turnkey hardware including high fidelity CNC milled casings and custom printed circuit boards.


Our uniquely experienced development group would love to share our experience and expertise in your current and future simulation projects. Our blend of operational piloting experience and technical skills can help you get things done fast and right. Contact us and let us understand how we can partner with you to help achieve your simulator development goals.

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Professional instruments

Not all instruments from the Home Use version of Air Manager can be used in a professional environment.
This is due to author rights.

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