Air Manager 4 Desktop


Air Manager is a powerful and easy to use desktop application to manage and create 2D instrument panels for FS2020, X-Plane, FSX, and Prepar3D.



Air Manager can be seen as the manager of your home cockpit.
From a simple one (touch) monitor setup, to a full scale simulator with hardware inputs and outputs, Air Manager does it all.

Air Manager allows you to build 2D instrument panels. Making simulator flying easier and more realistic.
Choose between one of the many pre-made panels, or create your own panel with the use of more than 1100 instruments.
Instrument panels can be controlled by mouse and touch, and can be combined with the clever little device called the Knobster.

This version is home use only. Please see our Professional page or contact us for more information on commercial, educational and non-profit use.

Simple setup
This can be one monitor, either regular or touch, which allows you to control the most important and basic features of your aircraft.

Extended setup
This can be extended by using multiple monitors. Extending the number of cockpit features and spreading them across multiple monitors.

Full scale cockpit
Air Manager is the Swiss army knife of cockpit building. Showing instrument panels, controlling all of the hardware, Air Manager can do it all.

Hardware input and output
Air Manager connects to 16 Arduino’s and Raspberry Pico’s of each type, giving you more than 2700 inputs and outputs at your disposal.
It comes with an extensive library of pre-made hardware functions. Which makes adding for example a heading dial, as simple as defining the two encoder pins in the interface. No scripting required.
Custom hardware scripts can be written in Lua, using our API. And if that’s not enough, then you can use our Messageport library for Arduino IDE, giving you full control with your own Arduino sketch.

Connect 3rd party devices
Air Manager connects to the Flight Illusion interface board, letting you easily set up your Flight Illusion hardware. Custom scripts and behavior can be scripted if required. Air Manager also connects to various RealSimGear devices, either letting you use the default functionality or letting you create your own scripts, allowing for custom behavior like failures.

Create custom instruments
Air Manager allows you to create your own instruments. Using Lua script in combination with our simple but powerful API, the posibilities are nearly endless. From a simple steam gauge, to complex glass panels. All it takes is your imagination.

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