Air Player 4 Professional Desktop

Air Player can be seen as a lightweight version of Air Manager, with one purpose: Run instrument panels. You can create as many panels as you like on as many monitors as you like.



Air Manager and Air Player are used all over the world in various professional applications. From BATD’s, to EASA and CAA FTD certified simulators, and from private flight school to military.
Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about how Air Manager can help you build your simulator.

Air Player comes in handy when you want to run instrument panels and/or hardware interfacing on multiple devices in your network. You can run as many instrument panels as you like, across all connected monitors. Configuring Air Player is done through Air Manager and works just as simple. Once this is done, Air Player will run on its own.

Just as Air Manager it connects to the Knobster and various devices like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi Pico.

If you want to run instrument panels on just one device, then Air Manager is all you need.

An active Air Manager license is required to configure Air Player.

Raspberry Pi (ARM)
Since Air Player has no UI, it is quick and efficient and can even run on ARM powered single board computers like the Raspberry Pi. This in addition gives you the option to utilize the Raspberry Pi GPIO, which canAdd product gallery images be extended by connecting Arduino’s or Raspberry Pi Pico’s to the board. Note that Raspberry Pi’s are not as powerful as a desktop computer, so frame rates can be limited. We recommend a Raspberry Pi 5 or at least a Raspberry Pi 4.

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