The Knobster is a single knob that allows realistic operation of every dial, rotary switch and knob on your Air Manager or Air Player cockpit panel. And can also be used in VR with KnobXP or KnobFS.

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The Knobster is a small USB device with a dual rotary encoder and push button. The Knobster can be used with Air Manager and Air Player, or in VR with KnobXP and KnobFS.

Air Manager and Air Player
The Knobster makes controlling your instruments easier, more realistic, precise and quicker, due to having a physical dial just as in a real cockpit. Select any dial or switch on your panel and use to Knobster to control. Controlling dual rotary encoders, like setting the frequency on a COM radio, or controlling the Garmin GNS, becomes much easier and realistic.

Setting up the Knobster is easy. Plug it in, the Knobster will show up automatically in Air Manager, enable it for your panel(s) and you can start using it. Selecting dials and switches can be done with touch and mouse. Where touch is recomended for a more realistic experience.

Virtual Reality
In X-Plane with KnobXP and FS2020 with KnobFS, the Knobster can be used to control dials and switches in the simulator. This makes it easy to for example set radio frequencies or set up a flight plan in the G1000. No clicking with your mouse, or fiddling with your VR controller. Just select the mode you need and start using the dials and buttons on the Knobster.

In VR you will see a list of modes, like COM1 frequency, or autopilot heading, which can be turned on and off according to your likings. The list is unique to every aircraft, so you can have different lists for different aircraft. You can even create your own modes with the help of our wiki guide.

KnobFS and KnobVR can be downloaded for free from our wiki.

What’s inside the box
The Knobster comes with a USB-C cable of 1.50 m / 4.9 ft and 4 screws (M2.9×9.5) for mounting. More information about mounting can be found on our wiki.

Additional information
Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 3 cm

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