X-Plane 12 has been released, which means a new plugin installer for Windows, a new version for KnobXP and other news.

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Laminar Research X-Plane 12

Last week Laminar Research released their highly anticipated new version of X-Plane. As a beta that is, but it is nice that we can already start enjoying all the new features that it has to offer.

This required a new version of our plugin installer for Windows, which is now available on our wiki.

macOS and Linux users can follow the same installation procedure as with the previous versions of X-Plane. We will also soon offer a plugin for macOS ARM.


There is a new version of KnobXP which works with X-Plane 12. You can download the beta here. We will soon bring out the release version.

For those who do not know what KnobXP is:

KnobXP shows a small window in X-Plane when in virtual reality, it allows you to control various ‘modes’ with the Knobster, like setting your frequencies and barometric pressure. This prevents you from having to use a mouse, and gives an easier and more natural way of controlling the aircraft in VR.

Want to learn more? Then check out this video from Russ Barlow.


Now that we are on the subject of the Knobster. We are working on the implementation of the Knobster in Microsoft FS2020 in VR, using the same principle as KnobXP. We should have a beta ready soon.